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How does ISEEMORE work?


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to analyse performance.


Conditional-Formatting-256These are displayed on the app and website as performance meters where you can see at a glance the status of the organisation.


Definition of KPIs

Relevant KPIs are defined for the organisation to allow the periodic indicators to be passed on by the app and the website. You can specify which KPIs are relevant for each organisation and which general ledger accounts serve as the data source for each KPI. You then indicate what information is displayed and in what form:

  • actually achieved in the period or cumulatively
  • singly or consolidated
  • displayed as value, percentage, or as an index
  • what deviation (in %) with respect to the previous year or budget will colour the gauge green, yellow, or red

Use of KPIs

Colours indicate how much the latest data deviates from the results of the previous year or from the budget.
For example, the weekly turnover is continuously displayed on the KPI report. The colour scheme makes it clear how it compares to the turnover for the same period in the previous year. You can zoom in to display the budgeted turnover, turnover in the previous year, the corresponding differences, %, and index figure.

The turnover per (direct) hour worked or the number of customers can be queried in a similar manner. Overviews are available as add-ons to the KPI report that display detailed information for achieved results in one or more periods.
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