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Who needs ISEEMORE?


As franchiser, you want see at a glance how your franchise formula is performing and which branch should receive more attention.


The ISEEMORE app can display all company data for each franchisee in a comprehensible screen and you can also zoom in on this data. Franchisees can also gain insight into their own performance and how it compares to national performance measurements.


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  • Entering and querying data using the app on a smartphone or tablet and the web application
  • Weekly or monthly insight into actual performance

Quick scan

The Quick scan provides insight into:
  • the development of turnover, number of customers, and average customer spend for each shop and nationally in comparison to the previous year and budget
  • share of sales, share of customers, and corresponding valuation of customer campaigns and campaign themes
For more information, go to tab "HOW DOES IT WORK".

Organisation monitor

The ISEEMORE Organisation monitor provides complete and current insight into the organisation's performance.

The available functionality:

  • Extensive period overviews including a KPI report
  • Time recording using the app and website
  • Scanning and digital file solution, including for immediate submission to bookkeeping (purchase invoices, z-total, contracts, etc.)


ISEEMORE Benchmarking allows you to determine which KPIs and what report form to use.

You can define your own KPIs, which provides you with a powerful analytical tool.

You can also customise your reports. For example, reports can be based on SBI codes, selections by regions, types of organisations, and other specific characteristics.

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